A Level Results Across Teesside in Chaos

A Level Results here and across the country hit with controversy

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Today marked much controversy around the grading of A Level results whereby as many as 40% of students were marked down by assessors from their teachers predictions. The concern is that it appears that results at schools in deprived areas have been downgraded more than private schools and the more affluent areas. The controversy is due to students for the first time ever not being able to sit their exams because of the Coronavirus pandemic and so assessors awarded grades based on predicted results using an algorithm.

It has made it a difficult time for students including those celebrating their success because they are also affected from seeing their friends who they have studied with over the past couple of years, not reaching the grades to reach their offer requirements. It has muted celebrations for many and left others completely dejected and despondent.

Congratulations to all those who have been successful and to those who are not, my heartfelt sympathy. I want the government to step up and reassess this unfortunate situation which is in my view, completely unfair and not of the students doing.

This clearly needs to be reviewed by the government and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council should also be voicing their concerns and demanding a review also. I would advise parents and students to write to their MPs and the Leader of the Council to demand answers and support. Below is a link to Keir Starmer speaking with Darlington Students.



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