Coatham Green Fence Line

Work and funding still required to support coatham green, redcar

Coatham Green 13:30 13/08/2020

It was reported to me last week that this post was sticking out and a cyclist had a near miss. I have reported it to the Operation Manager Highway Engineer. I managed to push it back myself, albeit it is loose and unstable and requires action as it remains a hazard. This has been logged.

This whole fence line needs to come out and is well known and documented and has been on the go for a replacement for a number of years. Efforts to replace it have been slowed and thwarted while the best solution could be found to both enhance the area and protect the dune.

When the archway was being installed in 2017 and when the fence line was added I asked for all of the fence line to be done at the same time. I revisited this again last year to get costs and action but again the information and funding wasn’t available so as such we can only piecemeal it.

The fencing that has been installed by RJ Fabrication is magnificent and it will be great to eventually get this done. My fear is that it never is or that for whatever reason RJ is no longer able to support and then trying to get something to match from elsewhere. The other issue is the dune and the concern that it may collapse once the fence is removed. There has been much discussion regarding the solution and in consultation with the Coatham Heritage Group who do a marvellous job as guardians. There has been many improvements across this area to improve the aesthetic and entry points. There are many suggestions that have come to fruition and many more waiting for funding, support and confirming.

The next round of public realm must focus on getting rid of the chain link once and for all and improving the attractiveness and accessibility from the beach. I have also drawn attention to the path that leads to nowhere other than to lead a hapless visitor to a dangerous blind corner. Again, this is an issue that has been pointed to a number of times.

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