How I became a Lockwood Parish Councillor… for a couple of weeks

On the 15th July, I received an unusual email from our Governance Director to say, Lockwood Parish Council had become inquorate due to various issues/disputes and which had put the Borough Council in the unique position with an expectation of having to appoint temporary parish councillors.

It transpired that the parish was down to just 2 parish councillors and because the clerk left without notice, the parish would not be able to lawfully make any decisions. I have no information regarding the dispute, although I imagine I may have some gossip on this later today.

To get things back up and running the council required volunteers of borough councillors from and around the parish who would have to be appointed as parish councillors of Lockwood. The councillors would then sit on the parish, deal with any urgent business, co-opt new members and then stand down.

A councillor was requested from each political group that borders on, or near to, Lockwood.¬†Unfortunately the only potential volunteer near to Lockwood in our group wasn’t available and somehow, this councillor from Coatham is “it”. Coatham bordering Lockwood is a stretch, I have to drive through five or six wards, but I’m here to serve (The attached image above, Coatham is 3 and Lockwood 10). Not sure how I’ll be received especially as a whole host of parish councillors have just taken off, not for no reason, but if there’s any drama I’ll update you all later.

At the Employment Health and Safety Committee, on the 5th August, I was sworn in, so to speak, and this morning I’m motoring down to Lingdale Village Hall for my first (and most likely last ever) meeting as a parish councillor for Lockwood indeed, East Cleveland. That’s if all the applicants show up and are voted on and if there are no falling outs. The wonderful and glamorous world of local government is full of surprises so who knows what might happen. I wonder what next week has in store.

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