Safer Street Packs for Majuba And York Rd and car park update

Safer street packs for Majuba and York Rd, Coatham, Redcar

Following on from a previous blog on this issue (14/08/20) regarding speeding in these areas and the noise nuisance of cars skidding around the car park, revving engines and sounding their horns I have received some positive actions. In regard to the concerns of speeding in these areas from residents, I requested and received this week, 2 x Safer Street Packs to consider options regarding traffic calming and controlling measures. These packs require lead residents to work with neighbours who are also affected by the dangers, noise and nuisance speeding vehicles create for residents.

*** I’m advised by a resident that they have a pack for Coatham Road and an isolated speed survey has been done previously. I have requested this information. I am also minded that residents may not know the best solution whereas the engineers are qualified to make those decisions. ***

Over the months I will continue to pursue action with officers to discuss the best way to move this forward with the best options suitable for these areas.

Following my meeting with on the 14th August bollards have been installed to restrict four wheeled vehicle access.

The speeding experienced on these roads on an evening are often linked to the nuisance issues in Majuba Car Park on evenings and weekends too. Actions to secure the perimeter of the car park have already begun along with action to improve the image of the car park. I wrote about these issues in the previous blog that discusses the open access for vehicles to drive illegally onto the seafront walkway and onto the beach.

Teesside Live (Image: Paul Coverdale)

We have had a few examples recently of vehicles driving onto the beach and getting stuck in the sand, later to be submerged by the sea but this isn’t anything new. Over the years I have had a number of complaints of 4X4’s and other vehicles weaving in and out of visitors. Controlling this area will not prevent drivers wanting to take the risk and access the beach but it will limit their access points. It would however completely prevent vehicles (aside emergency or service) accessing the walkway from Majuba all the way to the entrance of the boating lake.

Daily Mail
Teesside Live (Image: Andy Money)

The bollards installed is a good start but more work is still required to limit access to the walkway at the North East Corner and at TunedIn! and a more long term view of making the Northern boundary more secure as it currently does not act as a deterrent.

Parts of the Northern boundary of Majuba Car Park does not provide any barrier to the walkway or the beach.
The North East boundary of Majuba Car Park has open access to any vehicle wanting to drive along the walkway.
Both entrances to the rear of TuneIn! provide open access from the road to the seafront walkway and beach

Finally I was delighted to see the hideous old brown tourist information board removed at last! The legs are ornate and can be repurposed so suggestions welcome.

At last the broken tourism board at Majuba Car Park has been removed. Now what to do with the legs?

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