Save Dorman Long Tower

Sign the petition below and preserve this incredible structure

The Dorman Long Tower

Supporters of Teesside’s industrial history want a strong commitment to save this iconic structure in South Bank as a permanent reminder of a proud Iron & Steel heritage in this part of the North East of England. Visit and sign the petition.

The Dorman’s Long Tower was used to store coal and played its part amongst the coke ovens and the steel making process since the 1950’s. It represents a recognisable link with the area’s industrial past and is very much part of the identity of this region. Add your name to the petition here.

Dorman Long & Co., Ltd was first formed by Arthur Dorman and Albert de Laude Long in 1875 and by 1924 were iron & steel manufacturers, constructional engineers, bridge builders, colliery and mine owners and brick and artificial stone makers. They took over the interests of the Bolckow and Vaughan in the 20’s and would construct the the Omdurman Bridge (1926, Sudan), the Tyne Bridge (1928, UK), the Sydney Harbour Bridge (1932) and the Tees Newport Bridge (1934, UK) and eleven more up until 1961.

Calls to save this building along with the Redcar Blast Furnace and Coke Ovens have been raised since the loss of the steel works in 2015 by the “Tees Steel – Bridging the World” group.

Please add your name here to send a message of support to those responsible for the land and structure, to preserve this important piece of our local history.

Thank you.

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