Redcar And Cleveland Car Parking Strategy and Delivery 2021 -2024

Dear Reader,

Please find for your attention the proposed Car Parking Strategy by Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council for the next three years. This strategy was approved by the Redcar & Cleveland Cabinet on the 8th March 2021.

From the Redcar & Cleveland Council report, for ease of reference, the principles set out within the strategy are as follows;

• Principle 1 – To recognise the differing car parking needs of residents, local businesses, and visitors to the borough.

• Principle 2 -To encourage the use of electric, low emission vehicles, and other sustainable transport within the borough.

• Principle 3 – To have a more coherent approach to car parking charges and car parking restrictions across the borough.

• Principle 4 – To modernise the car parking offer, further utilising digital technology where appropriate.

• Principle 5 – To improve the borough’s car parking infrastructure, investing in existing car parks or creating new car parking capacity to support the delivery of council priorities.

• Principle 6 – To have high quality parking provision across the borough, which connects with other public amenities.

• Principle 7 – To prioritise safety through a structured approach to the enforcement of our parking in the borough.

***Car Parking Fees and Charges
I’ve attached the proposed fees and charges for the borough’s existing pay and display car parks for the next two years (the length of the agreement reached with Tees Valley Combined Authority for 2 hours free town centre parking in Redcar and Guisborough). At the end of the two years the fees and charges will be revisited to assess if they are still suitable.***

Please do let me know your thoughts on this strategy. Many thanks.

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