Photo credit: Richard Ross/Julian Feakes. These gates are an example of what will be achieved at the next locations. This is the culmination of six years work between officers, residents, fabricator and councillors. Gates were made and installed by RJ Fabrication. https://rjfabrication.co.uk

A quick update on our Alley Gating in Coatham, Redcar. The proposals to gate off alleyways at the next locations have taken another positive step forward.

The lead officer has now acquired all the consultations back and written to over 200 residents affected, living or owning properties at these locations [A: 121 & B: 98].

[A: Charlotte Street – Alfred Street – Lord Street]

[B: France Street – Charles Street – Lord Street]

Alleyways serving 2-70 Alfred Street; 1-69 Charlotte Street; and 70-82 Lord Street, Redcar (Map)
Alleyways serving 2-66 Charles Street; 1-65 France Street; and 40-52 Lord Street, Redcar (Map)

The council will now be proceeding with the proposal to seek planning and thereafter with installing three sets of gates, one set at each of the alleyway openings.

16/03/21 From France Street
16/03/21 Alleyway serving 2-66 Charles Street; 1-65 France Street
16/03/21 From Charlotte St
15/03/21 Alleyways serving 2-70 Alfred Street; 1-69 Charlotte Street

Moving forward there will be opportunities for residents, landlords and business to meet, gather ideas and to get involved with alley greening activities of which I will be happy to support and to crack on with.

March 2019 with Richard Ross of RJ Fabrication and the installation of the second set of alley gates in this part of Coatham.

Below are sample letters, the schedule and information sent out to residents.




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