Anti-social behaviour in Redcar And Cleveland Up 12%

Coatham Green set alight on the 11th April. Just another example of increasing anti social behaviour.
Img Credit – Michael Rogelio Hurley

Anti-social behaviour soaring in Redcar And Cleveland

New analysis reveals 45% of Crime Survey (CSEW) respondents in Redcar And Cleveland said they had experienced anti-social behaviour (ASB) in this area in the past year – that’s a 12% increase in two years. Nationally the figure is 40% – the highest ever.

This is the equivalent of 19m people across the country experiencing some form of ASB in 2019-20, up by 1m in a year.

Every area in England and Wales has seen an increase in the number of people experiencing ASB over the past five years.

Anti-social behaviour is a huge issue across the borough and is completely unfair on residents here in Redcar And Cleveland and for millions of people across the country. After a decade of Conservative governments we now have experience of ASB increasing by 9% in 5 years, violent crime rising, police numbers slashed, and victims waiting years for scant justice. 

Only Labour will work to genuinely get police numbers back to where they need to be. We will act where the Conservatives have failed. We will introduce a new Victims’ Law to give victims of anti-social behaviour the rights they deserve.


·        The CSEW began asking specific questions on ASB in 2011-12.

·        According to the CSEW, 40% of respondents experienced some form of ASB in 2019-20, equivalent to 19.1m adults aged over 16 in England and Wales.

ONS, Crime in England and Wales YE March 2020, Annual trend and demographic tables, Table D13


ONS, mid-year population estimates


· In 2019-20, 7% of respondents to the CSEW said there were high levels on ASB in their area, equivalent to 3.4m people. While over a fifth of people said they were using or dealing drugs, equating to 10.7m people.

ONS, CSEW estimates of personal and household crime, anti-social behaviour, and public perceptions, by police force area, year ending March 2020, Table 4,

·        The percentage of respondents experiencing ASB has risen in every police force area over the last five years.


ONS, CSEW estimates of personal and household crime, anti-social behaviour, and public perceptions, by police force area, years ending March 2016-20, Table 4:

Mar 2020

Mar 2019

Mar 2018

Mar 2017

Mar 2016

More information on Labour’s proposed Victims’ Law can be found here: 

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