Hydrogen Energy project in Redcar. What do you think?

I’m interested to know more about this trial having heard and read mixed reviews about Northern Gas Network’s approach.

NGN said the pilot, if approved, would mean the whole network would be converted so individual homes would not be able to remain on natural gas. Electric alternatives however, would be provided for free. Not exactly sure what would be “free”.

So… Have you been contacted? What is your experience? Has your contact been positive or negative? What do you think about this? Are you excited or concerned? Is Coatham for or against this?

Please let me know.

Below is the pitch and contact details.

Hydrogen energy initiative:

Do you live in Coatham or Warrenby?

Northern Gas Networks is proposing to supply around 2,000 homes and businesses in parts of Redcar including the town centre, Warrenby, Coatham and an area of Kirkleatham with hydrogen from 2025.

If the project goes forward it would mean those taking part will change their supply from natural gas to hydrogen for a set period. This would require replacing gas appliances including boilers, fires and cookers for hydrogen appliances for free.

To speak to their team call 08000 407766 or email: Redcar@northerngas.co.uk

A brief video on hydrogen energy can be viewed here https://vimeo.com/675369554

To book a survey visit the website http://www.redcarhydrogencommunity.co.uk or call on 0333 2029514





One comment

  1. As it could eventually effect every resident of the borough all information must be available to all. Alternatives must be left to the resident to choose and the gas network must fully fund these. Up to now we still have HR legislation so they must not dictate anything. Okay withdraw gas but as I say fully fund whatever alternative is picked. I for one have not heard any in use evidence to support hear pumps. They were installed in a Coast & Country development and it didn’t take long for them to be replaced by gas heating.


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