Say “NO” to increased Parking Charges in Redcar

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Last year, the Independent/ Lib Dem administration of Redcar & Cleveland in their wisdom decided to propose putting up parking charges right across the borough’s towns and parks. This at a time when the cost of living has never been so disproportionate to incomes. These charges would have been decided in December and active from January 1st 2023.

Councillor Alec Brown, the Leader of the Labour group, along with the Labour Group, through objection, managed to have get this decision deferred until February 2023. He said,

“It was the Labour Group that managed to get the controlling administration to defer these proposed parking fees that were set to be agreed at December’s cabinet meeting.

“I rang the leader of the council, Councillor Mary Lanigan, the night before the meeting and left her in no doubt that the fees and charges, needed far more thought and consultation with the public. Then, the next morning our Chair of Resources, Councillor Christopher Massey, did a sterling job at getting the cabinet to defer the decision. Without the intervention of the Labour Group these parking charges would of been in place on the 1st of January.

“Although the leader of the council is right to point out it is the Conservative Government that have ripped money away from our public services for over a decade. They have created huge shortfalls in funding, the leader is right, it is easy to voice opposition, but it is also easy to see that placing a ticket machine everywhere will only have a negative impact on the local ecomony in the long run.”

The mismanagement of our economy by the Tory government exasperated the cost of living with their disastrous mini-budget estimated to have cost our country £75 billion. This self harm has come at a time that has already been a huge struggle for many, having endured ten years of unnecessary Tory austerity, the cost of the Covid pandemic, Brexit and the Russia/Ukraine war.

Residents and business owners, large and small, right across the country, have seen their costs continually rise through their mortgages and rents, their food and material supplies, their fuel and utility bills costs and in the services used and the hospitality, activities and entertainment crucial for mental health.

People simply do not have the disposable income to waste on punitive charges. And so at this time of national struggle, the council, who find themselves £9 million overspent, through no fault of the local tax payer, have decided to make YOU pay for it by putting up parking charging in all our towns and parks.

YOU will pay for this even if you do not own a vehicle or use your car to drive to town. On a daily basis those who would naturally drive in to buy some groceries, to go for some lunch or generally support shopping with local traders will be priced out and pushed to find alternatives in the giant warehouse this country has become. Visitors too will remember the costs when deciding where to revisit.

The knock on to INCREASED parking charges will be more closures, more empty units and INCREASED pricing. Business owners have huge overheads and will have no alternative but to put up prices to offset their losses. Parking charges ultimately becomes a tax on all of us, not just motorists.

As Ward councillor of Coatham, Redcar High Street sits within my ward. It needs support and deserves better than this. The businesses and residents need and deserve better than this. I am determined to do whatever it takes to make the Independent/ Lib Dem administration see sense and reverse their plan.

Please read my following petition of which I invite our business owners to display within their units. Please support our local trade and protect your incomes by having your voices heard.

Many thanks.


Carl Q

Dear Councillor Lanigan,

It is understood that on the 23rd February, you and your Cabinet are recommending that parking charges for Redcar High Street in Coatham are to be increased significantly within the 2023/24 budget.

Currently parking is free for two hours but your proposals will change this to £1.70 for the first hour and £2.80 for two hours.

Many of Redcar’s independent businesses in Coatham have struggled to survive these past few years. Some have sadly closed due to the pressure of high bills and reduced footfall, following one economic crisis after another.

Likewise, the residents of Coatham and of all the surrounding areas too, are struggling to makes ends meet. And even so, many still continue to support their High Street shops and hospitalities because they believe in shopping local.

Our businesses and residents need all the support they can get from local and national government to make sure our towns remain vibrant. Redcar is particularly vulnerable to the economic pressures because it remains deprived of adequate funding having been stripped of over £100 million over the past 12 years.

The proposal therefore to remove free parking and increase parking charges in Coatham comes at the wrong time and is likely to have a very negative impact on Redcar’s trade. This coming at a time Redcar is progressing with it’s Town Deal plans to improve the High Street.

Coatham residents and visitors to our town cannot afford these parking charges and our businesses cannot afford to lose their custom.

Please can you go back and rethink this proposal and protect our businesses and our residents from these punitive charges.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Councillor Carl Quartermain
Coatham Ward, Redcar

On behalf of Coatham’s residents, businesses and the visitors to Redcar.

Signed by:

Reminder: If you would like to sign now please comment below or pm me with an email address so I can add and contact you, OR contact me by email at:


  1. During these hard times I cannot afford to pay these parking charges, So I completely disagree with this decision.Please can you reconsider.

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    • This is a disgrace, I agree, NO to parking charges, it will see off local businesses. Another wonderful decision by our clueless council.

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  2. We need to give reasons for people to come into town not go elsewhere. The controlling parties are clueless and are supposed to advocate for the residents of the borough. They don’t need consultation to know residents don’t want this, they are not a dictatorship

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  3. Redcar was a busy town years ago, now its depleted, if Redcar is to charge more for parking Redcar will become a ghost town, I for one will NOT visit the town.

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  4. Everyone struggling now life seems impossible sometimes .!!so many problems without these added charges and this will kill the towns.And people’s wellbeing also.Please re consider .

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  5. As previously pointed out, charging for parking for one or two hours will have a detrimental effect on businesses in the High Street. People will most likely choose not to come into town if faced with the car parking charges proposed, charges they will struggle to meet. Numerous businesses, which are already under pressure from increased costs will very likely cease to exist and The High Street, already negatively affected by closures in recent years will become an even sadder place. Plans to ‘invigorate’ the town centre will ultimately be a waste of effort and money for much of the year but may see increased interest from visitors in the summer months. From a personal point of view the charges proposed will require those who can afford them to acquire a wallet full of small change. The amounts are generally inconvenient as many of us will struggle to produce the correct coinage and if we are able to produce pound coins we can wave goodbye to the parking machine giving us any change. If an alternative is to pay by card or smart phone there are still many people like myself, a pensioner, who are not necessarily up to date with technology. Wake up councillors and listen to the electorate because if you don’t, well, you work it out.

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  6. These parking charges will be detrimental to the town. People will simply go elsewhere, shops will have to close due to lack of footfall which will bring job losses. The carpark charges have already gone up on the main carparks so staff in shops are having to pay more to be at work. It does not take rocket science to work out what a stupid decision this would be

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  7. I used to shop up and down the high Street all the time. Now I go once in a blue moon. If I have to pay £4.40 for 2 hours I won’t be going at all. You are killing local businesses and putting off visitors from coming because it will cost a fortune every time they want to walk the dog and there are hardly any public toilets in the town either.
    At the very least parking should be free for residents who already pay council tax and road tax.

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