Great news regarding the former lifeboat building at the South Gare, Redcar

Img: Yorkshire Post

Dear Friends,

I have been working with PD Ports to gain access for community purposes, to the former lifeboat building at the South Gare. This building has been empty for nearly seventeen years and has the potential be used for multiple community purposes.

I am very excited to announce that this facility, that was closed in 2006, has now been agreed as a lease opportunity, particularly for local community interest groups with a marine focus.

However, my wish is that this facility can also be used by multiple groups for a wide variety of purposes. Therefore all groups should consider how they might benefit from the location of this facility.

For example, it could be used as a centre for; a marine animal rescue sanctuary; an educational and environmental outpost; a creative studio; a litter picking and wildlife base; mobility beach wheelchair support; a centre to support water sport groups; and/or a base to put on events and markets – the list is endless and the opportunity real and I hope to see a lot a of activity in the near future.

Community groups with a proposal for river or marine-based activities who believe they could benefit from the use of the building should register their interest by contacting Kathryn Watson, Property Manager at PD Ports, on 01642 877042.


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