Carl & Lynne for Coatham

I’m very proud to announce I have been asked by Labour & Cooperative to stand again as one of their Coatham Candidates at the next election May 4th. It has been an honour and a privilege to represent Coatham residents and businesses in Redcar. I hope to be re-elected and will continue to do my best to support, question, complain, suggest, report, scrutinize and inform, as I have done for the past eight years.

Carl & Lynne for Coatham

I am absolutely delighted to introduce Lynne Rynn. Lynne has been a lifelong Labour supporter and recently took up my offer to stand as a Labour candidate. I’m very proud to see her fly through the selection process successfully to be standing as my running partner in Coatham. Lynne has also been endorsed by the Cooperative Party which means we are both on the same ticket. Labour & Cooperative.

We have created a fb profile here

Lynne’s profile for our leaflets reads as follows:

“My name is Lynne. I’m a married, working mum of 3 grown up children and have lived in Redcar all my life. My family have long, strong roots in the North East and within the long suffering pit villages. My grandfather was a pit miner, who was killed in the 1951 Easington Pit disaster, leaving behind my grandmother to bring up five sons alone, and during the strikes in the troubled 1980’s, my uncle was assistant General secretary of the TUC.

“Needless to say my family have always been strong Labour supporters, interested in politics and which year on year has helped me become more invested in what goes on locally and nationally. The lack of support and inequality towards our northern towns, has instilled in me a strong desire to fight against the misery inflicted on our people by the Conservatives.

“Today, with the mismanagement of finances, our struggles continue, whether it is finding good jobs or getting on the housing ladder; in gaining support for our children, disabled or elderly family members; or in receiving a living wage as a working family. We need funding to tackle the ever increasing crime & anti-social behaviour that blights our town; funding to resolve parking, litter and environmental issues and funding to repair our roads and improve our infrastructure.

“I want to be part of a Labour government who truly believe in levelling up by allowing local people to be in charge of their own decisions. I want to be on the front line as your councillor, fixing what we have been deprived of for 13 long years in this town – Proper funding and the support we desperately need.”

Lynne began a majorette group which saw many children enjoy performing in public. She was a member of the local Redcar marines band during her childhood and in adulthood felt Redcar’s children were missing out on this hobby, as an alternative to the usual dancing, gymnastics and football etc.

This opportunity gave the kids a chance to make friends, learn to play an instrument and take pride in their community. This they did, supporting many charity events and family fundays, performing and raising money for those events.

Well done Lynne and thanks for standing with me. Your energy and commitment is already amazing and I can’t wait to officially get going.

As for me my profile reads:

“My name is Carl Quartermain. I’m a married, working father of four and Redcar is my home . Over the years I have worked in industry, manufacturing, logistics, transport, the NHS, and I have run my own successful businesses in kitchen/ bathroom fitting and as a digital marketer. I have recently embarked on an adventure (a boyhood dream) as a long distance lorry driver and am loving it. At 56 year old – Never say never!

“Aside working full time, I have been a community event organizer for over ten years and the Coatham councillor for eight. My main focus is always on how to benefit our home, economically, domestically and aesthetically. This passion is what drove me to;

⁃ “create Friends of Redcar in 2013 to clean up our sea front and still continues to host environmental events and provides funding for fledgling Coatham groups and charities;

⁃ “create Redcar’s first alternative market, “Primrose Bell” on Cleveland St; and events like the“Kick Off the Summer” sand sculpturing which I sincerely hope to reintroduce both back to Coatham.

⁃ “Stand for council, through invitation and endorsement since 2014 as Coatham Councillor. During my time I have been voted in as a cabinet member and as the leader of the Labour Group.

Having had a business in content & social media marketing and having carried out contracts with web developers whose focus was on tourism destination management, I used these skills within Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, when elected as the Cabinet member for Tourism, Culture & Leisure to –

Reform the council’s outdated town management model into a visitor destination model, connecting economic growth, visitor economy, culture, tourism, events & comms together;

Develop a Masterplan for Redcar to provide vision and direction to follow (this plan was the blueprint that informs the Town Deal);

Gain access to funding for each of the five key towns in the borough to support infrastructure & local businesses;

Improve the council’s digital and online presence and oversaw the new council services website;

Insist on marketing the borough beyond the local area which saw visitor numbers to Redcar & Cleveland rise year on year from 2015 to 2019

Encourage and support as many event organizers large and small, far and wide, sport, performance, music and alternative to bring their offer to Redcar, despite a minuscule budget. This increased events in Redcar & Cleveland by over 500% between 2015 – 2019

Contribute to a White Paper for Westminster to support the North East Cultural Partnership to debate the disparity of funding of Art and Culture between the North & South of the England

Employ a funding expert to continually seek funding for the council and to report out to the wider community across the borough funding pots available to apply for.

And instigate the creation of the Ambassador scheme under the description of ‘Bringing the Borough Together’ complete with its own tourism website. A scheme still running today.

“I am very proud to have continually served our community over this period and am delighted to have been invited by Labour and endorsed by the Cooperative Party to do so again. If re-elected I will continue to assist, listen and represent in the best interest of our residents and our town as I have done throughout.”

We will be campaigning in Coatham ward in Redcar and hope to be voted in as the councillors at the May 4th election. If you live in Coatham expect us to knock and please do put our posters up.

Wish us luck and please give our social media pages and posts a ‘like’. Many thanks


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